Dental implants are usually performed with the goal of overcoming tooth loss with a permanent solution. Dentures are a temporary solution to use for tooth loss, but dental implants at Prosthodontic Associates provide you with numerous health, cosmetic and functional benefits that dentures do not provide. If you are dealing with tooth loos or are preparing to have a permanent tooth pulled, you may be a candidate for this type of procedure. It essentially surgically replaces the lost tooth with one that matches the color and shape of the previous tooth. Many people can benefit from implants, and these are just a few of the top reasons why individuals get implants to overcome tooth loss.

Those Who Have Lost a Tooth From a Sports Injury or Car Accident
Car accidents and sports injuries can result in significant trauma to the mouth. In some cases, permanent teeth are completely knocked out. In other cases, permanent teeth may be so seriously damaged that they must be surgically removed. Car accidents and sports injuries are leading causes of tooth loss. If you have lost one or more teeth from a car accident or sports injury and are looking for a permanent solution, your dentist may have recommended implants to you.

Those Who Have Serious Tooth Decay
Tooth decay is also a top cause of tooth loss. Tooth decay is most commonly associated with poor hygiene, but poor nutrition, grinding your teeth, genetics, age and other factors can also play a role in the health of your teeth and may contribute to decaying tooth. Regardless of the reason why your teeth are decaying, they may need to be permanently removed to benefit your overall health and well-being. When tooth decay leads to tooth loss, dental implants at Build Your Smile are a great option to consider.

Those Who Have Specific Birth Defects
In some instances, birth defects affect the condition or number of teeth an individual has. Some birth defects even result in the premature loss of teeth. If you have a birth defect that has caused you to experience tooth loss or other related issues, rest assured that you can enjoy the beauty and functionality of a full set of teeth through the use of implants.

There are many reasons why you may not currently have a full set of adult teeth or why you are preparing to have teeth removed. Teeth are necessary for cosmetic beauty, and they are also important for functional activities such as speaking, eating and more. They can even affect bone health and density in your facial bones. If you are dealing with tooth loss, you can speak with your dental professional about the option to have teeth implanted in your jaw bone as a permanent solution.

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