A physiotherapist is someone who can help you understand why you may be experiencing pain or discomfort in your muscles or joints, and in turn, they can help you remedy these issues. Physiotherapists work with a range of different types of people. For example, they may help those who have just had hip or knee replacement surgery to get back on their feet. But they might also be helping those who have muscular diseases or those who have recently been through a car accident or sports injury.

One of groups that is most benefitted by the work that physiotherapists do is older adults and the elderly. This is because this group often experiences pain and discomfort due to arthritis. The following list includes all of the wonderful benefits that physiotherapy can offer you if you have arthritis pain.

Stretching and strengthening exercises that can help reduce your arthritis pain and discomfort

The number one thing that physiotherapy does to improve arthritis pain and discomfort is to stretch and flex your muscles and joints. At your physiotherapy appointments, your practitioner will teach you these movements and show you the proper ways to cary them out. Later at home, you can do them yourself to help improve the flexibility and strength of each of your muscles and joints.

Teachings about how to use hot and cold therapy on your joints

Often, cold and hot therapy can help reduce inflammation and therefore reduce pain and discomfort in the joints when you have arthritis. Your physiotherapist will teach you how to use cold compresses and warming blankets and pads in order to do this.

Information about how to improve your overall fitness level

Physiotherapists are adept at improving muscle strength, bettering flexibility and improving overall joint strength. These things can help reduce discomfort in your body, so doing them is advantageous.

Information about nutrition and foods that may cause or reduce inflammation

Did you know that some foods can cause more inflammation than others? Arthritis is all about inflammation, so knowing about these foods and eating the right ones can help reduce overall pain. Your physiotherapist can help you with this.

Physiotherapy is the best way to deal with pain that comes from having arthritis, but it’s important to remember that there are various kinds of arthritis. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, for example, you should talk to your general practitioner or rheumatologist about other options for dealing with your pain and specific symptoms.

It’s important to always speak with your family doctor about the symptoms that you are experiencing. But definitely do not forget about the benefits that going to see a physiotherapist can offer if you are suffering from arthritis pain and discomfort. More resources can be found at the Chiro-Med Rehab Centre website.

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