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4 Issues You May Face in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Whether you were misdiagnosed by a doctor, prescribed a wrong medication, or were provided with a poor standard of overall medical care, you make the decision to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Because you have all of the evidence you think that you need such as medical records and witness statements, you anticipate a short process where everything will transpire …

5 Tips to Build Lasting Friendships in a Retirement Home

In his book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect, John Maxwell says that you cannot connect with others if you are unwilling to get off your own agenda. This is so true if you want to build lasting relationships at your new retirement home. The environment may not be what you are used to. You may not even know anyone.

5 Legal Guidelines for Managing an Accidental Injury

When you find yourself injured due to the mistake of someone else, you need the very best of lawyers on your side to ensure that you are rightfully compensated. When it comes to an issue like this, one that leaves you in pain and unable to work, you can’t really take any chances of not being taken care of, right? …

7 Options If You’re Experiencing Workplace Discrimination

An employee in Canada is protected from discrimination in the workplace on the basis of ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, illness or disability, gender, place of origin, colour, age, race, family status, and from any form of harassment, especially sexual harassment. An employer who takes a prejudicial action against an employee on the basis of any or a combination of the …

What to Expect During Your First Sleep Study Test

If your doctor has ordered you to visit a sleep clinic, chances are, you've been suffering from lack of sleep, general tiredness in the day or a sleep-related medical problem. Sleep-related medical problems may be diagnosable issues like sleep apnea or more obscure problems that are hard to target like morning headaches.