There is so much more to ballet than just the clothing and holding on to the bar and counting. Anyone who has tried ballet will know that it is a demanding skill that takes a great deal of physical fitness and mental fortitude.

You may notice that all ballet dancers are in great shape, this is because ballet is not only great for posture and grace, it is also a calorie burning, energetic exercise.

1. You will learn better posture

Students of ballet will all learn to hold a pose that is ideal for balance. This also happens to be the ideal posture that many of us strive for. After only studying ballet for a short time you will notice that you hold yourself up straighter and your shoulders are back. Not only does this make you taller and appear more confident, you will also have a much healthier back into old age.

2. The sense of achievement

When you first begin ballet classes, some of the more challenging poses and forms may be beyond your ability. In fact, you may think to yourself that you could not ever manage these in a million years. After only a short while you will amaze yourself with what your body is capable of and trust us, there will be a whole new bunch of positions and forms that you will have to work on next. The sense of accomplishment that a ballet dancer gets after completing a movement with grace and apparent ease for the first time after many weeks of practice is second to none.

3. Greater flexibility

You don’t need to be able to do the splits and hold your legs above your head to start ballet, however, over time you will be able to improve your level of flexibility. The amount of dynamic stretching that you will be doing will have an effect over time and you will be able to move in ways that you never could before.

4. It burns calories

With the amount of effort that is needed to maintain a pose, there are elements of endurance and strength training in ballet. This is a workout that also engages your mind as you have to think carefully about each movement. For those that find running or spinning a little boring, ballet may be the answer.

5. You will have more energy

As you progress with your ballet skills you will notice that you become a lot more energetic. If you ever felt lethargic or tired during the day, you will soon notice a swell of energy. This is true of all exercise.

6. You’ll start to eat healthier

Well, you’ll want to anyway. If you have a big lunch, you’re not going to feel very grateful for the evening class. This is by no means a requirement, but we find that many of those new to ballet will take a closer look at the dietary choices so that they feel great when they come into the gym.

7. You’ll have more balance

Ballet needs a lot of balance to be done correctly. This is something that may be difficult at first but once your muscles get stronger you will be able to hold poses with only minimal effort for quite some time.

8. It’s a great way to relax

After a hard day at work, there is nothing better than some exercise, but that’s no good if all you can think about while you’re on the treadmill is the presentation you have due. As ballet takes so much mental focus, it can act as a sort of meditation as you filter out all of the day’s noise and focus on a series of movements.

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