There are lots of good reasons to consider multivitamins as even with the best dietary plan, we often fall short of meeting nutritional needs. Lacking in the necessary nutrients could be due to choosing food that are not healthy and having a poor appetite.

Most commonly, it is due to leading a hectic lifestyle where we have less time to prepare healthy recipes in a balanced meal, resulting in a digestive imbalance that is harmful to the body. Vitamins and mineral supplements can bridge the nutrient gap and ensure the body is getting everything it needs for proper metabolism.

1. What are vitamin pills?

There are many people who tend to get carried away with multivitamins and should be aware that this approach is not a cure or excuse to neglecting a healthy diet. It isn’t a magic pill and healthy eating remains the best source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. However, multivitamins are good supplements to ensure we get all the right nutrients.

Multivitamins are formulated for all age groups and for different stages in our lives. Most vitamins come in capsules, but they are also available in liquids, powders, chewables and gummies. The best way to be sure that a multivitamin will supplement a diet is to consult with a health care practitioner before buying the product.

It becomes even more difficult when we have to shop for the vitamins we need. Strolling down the aisle in a supermarket or drug store, we come across several competing brands and products, making it complicated to choose which type is suited. Here are some simple tips to prevent guesswork.

2. Product Label

The label of the product will provide the ingredients contained in the product. Be familiar with the ingredients and its quantity contained in the product. Additionally, look for the expiry date to make sure it is not sitting on the shelf for too long. Product labels will additionally specify whether the vitamin is suited for children, men, women and seniors. It is important to make sure that the product does not contain synthetic colours, fillers and ingredients that you don’t recognize or understand.

3. Overuse

Vitamins fill the nutrient gaps and may make up for an unhealthy diet, but too much of it is not necessarily better when it comes to a supplementation. An overdose or too many products can have potentially negative effects.

4. Regulated Products

The common regulatory body for vitamins is Canada’s Food and Drugs Act (FDA). The company manufacturing the product will mention that their range of products are regulated and certified by FDA. Be vigilant as there are products in the market that are not certified or do not even contain the ingredients advertised.

5. Key nutrients

Purchase a product that contains basic vitamins and minerals. If you need a list of the key nutrients, consult a healthcare practitioner to provide you with a list of daily vitamins your body needs.

6. Healthcare Practitioner

If concerned on the consumption of multivitamins supplements, it would be best to speak with a qualified healthcare practitioner who can advise you on the products containing the core vitamins.

7. Do your research

Keep healthy by doing your research to ensure dietary supplement intakes overweigh the risks. Eating the right food including whole foods, fruits and vegetables will give you the required number of vitamins and minerals for overall balance of the body.

Multivitamin supplements added to the diet will help when lacking in certain nutrients especially when living a hectic and on-the-go lifestyle, and being a vegetarian or vegan. Certified multivitamins taken in moderation can probably resolve certain health conditions, but to be sure of this, it is wise to consult with a healthcare practitioner.

Read the labels, research on the product, look for reviews, find reputable retailers and be familiar with all the ingredients before you purchase the product

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