Skincare can quickly become expensive to maintain. It’s important to find natural alternatives to help you save money and preserve the longevity of your skin. Check out these 7 easy skin care tips that anyone can use!

1. Use Yoga To Improve Circulation

One of the best methods to give your skin some extra lift and vitality is to increase circulation in your body. Your skin is less likely to look pale and thin when you have proper circulation. Yoga is an excellent way to improve your skin quality, especially inverted poses such as downward dog. Holding downward dog for about 30 seconds will encourage blood to circulate in your face. Yoga is excellent before pictures, interviews, and meetings to help you relax and have more vibrant skin.

2. Upgrade Your Pillowcase

Believe it or not, the texture of your pillowcase can affect the quality of your skin. Coarse fabrics leave lines on your face and cause friction and compressions as you move around at night. Materials like silk are excellent for keeping your skin cool to the touch and not pulling moisture from your skin at night. Mulberry silk pillowcases offer a more financially reasonable option.

3. Use Coconut Water On Your Face

Staying hydrated is among the most vital factors in keeping your skin looking healthy. Coconut water is full of electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that your body is happy to absorb. Just drinking coconut water works well but you can also use it as an ingredient in your face masks. Coconut water can also help you combat tans, and blemishes.

4. Use Homemade Face Masks

Homemade face masks can be your secret weapon in helping you maintain vibrant, healthy skin. Many products at the store contain harsh chemicals that speed up the aging process. A lot of exfoliant scrubs are too abrasive and end up damaging your skin. Making a homemade facemask with a food such as papaya lets you take advantage of the natural enzymes such as papain and bromelain. These enzymes help exfoliate your skin without any need for rough scratching with an exfoliating scrub. Different fruits and vegetables all have their advantages when used in a natural face mask.

5. Reduce How Much Sugar You’re Eating

Sugar is one of the most hidden causes when it comes to unhealthy skin. Sugar causes inflammation in our bodies which shows itself as wrinkles, dry skin, and acne. Foods with a lot of sugar cause you to experience unexplained breakouts. Take a break from sugar and see how your body reacts.

6. Use Vinegar To Deal With Breakouts

Bacteria is the prime cause of breakouts on our skin. Bacteria and dirt from the gym or shared items can end up on your face and eventually cause whiteheads or acne. If you’re dealing with an unexpected breakout, try using apple cider vinegar. You just need to apply the vinegar to your face with a cotton pad. Apple cider vinegar helps tighten your pores while killing the bacteria. Let it air dry on your face and see how your skin reacts in a few days. Apple cider vinegar in combination with microneedling is great for tightening your face.

7. Try Coconut Oil For Makeup That Won’t Come Off

Makeup remover can be harsh on your skin. Coconut oil is an excellent natural way to remove stubborn eye makeup. Coconut oil can instantly dissolve most makeup, even if it has a waterproof formula. Leaving coconut oil on your skin overnight can also provide some effective results.

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