Are you considering taking a DNA test? Well, it is the new cool thing in the block and almost everyone is excited about it. Ancestry DNA test has become one of the best ways to know more about our individual past and understand our lineage over the course of history. Even though a person might not be that much interested in history itself, when it comes to finding one’s own history, few will not be interested in it.

As per a report published by Forbes on the ancestry DNA testing kits, the sale of DNA test kits have skyrocketed in the past year and it has become one of the most preferred gifts during the holidays. If trends are to be believed, the sale is going to remain strong. But, what can you really find out using the DNA test? Well, saying that you can know more about your ancestry is kind of oversimplifying matters. Here are some cool things you will know from the test results.

What will your ancestry DNA test reveal?

Here are what you will know about yourself when you decide to take the ancestry DNA test.

1. Find your ancestor from centuries ago


We often grow up listening to stories about our ancestors, which just remain stories since they cannot be really proven. Now you have the opportunity to check out the authenticity and establish the actual events that took place centuries ago, thanks to the DNA ancestry test. If your DNA matches with a current participant who has the family tree already established, it becomes just a matter of cross-checking to find the common connection.

2. Know the percentage of your ethnicity

percentage of your ethnicity

Well, ancestry DNA test will not establish whether you belong to one single ethnicity or not, but it will actually tell you which different ethnicity you are composed of. You can be 15% Irish even though you are actually from Australia. Or, you can find that your sibling and you have a different percentage of the mix. It is quite mind-blowing, I must say, but fun nevertheless.

3. Know where your ancestors are from

Know where your ancestors are from

It is common knowledge that centuries ago our ancestors migrated from one region to another. While we might not have all the information about them, today we can certainly track them down. CRI Genetics is one of the leading organizations that actually provide BioGeographical ancestry result. This is perfect when you are trying to know more about your lineage and how your ancestors migrated over the years.

4. Find a cousin you never knew existed

Know where your ancestors are from

As you trace your lineage, you can actually come across people who are miles away but related to you nevertheless. Using the BioGeographical ancestry analysis by CRI Genetics seem like a great idea to find it.

5. Or find a cousin in office

This might seem quite improbable, but there can be someone you have been working with and yet never knew that you two are related until you took the ancestry test.

6. Know your parent

Know your parent

For those who are adopted and never had the chance to know who their real parents are, this is a wonderful way to track them down with a high probability of success. While this might seem like a bad idea to some, for many it means finding out about the roots.

7. Make friends across the world

Make friends across the world

If not anything else, you will be making friends with people you never knew earlier. It is impossible to know exact relationship while tracing lineage, but simply finding that you are related to someone makes it a great way to make a friend.

So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t is a great time to take your ancestry test? I bet, it is.

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