Research shows that your lifestyle is the most important factor in whether you’re healthy or not. Developing certain habits that you stick with will make staying healthy and in shape just a regular part of your life. Check out these 7 suggestions for healthy living!

1. Find A Healthy Weight And Stay There

Staying at a weight that works for you will make staying healthy an easier task. If you’re overweight, try focusing on halting your weight gain. Just staying at your current weight can improve your health. Don’t think that you have to lose all your weight and become muscular and shredded. By focusing on the food you eat and how you exercise, you can find a healthy weigh that works for you without developing the physique of an athlete, which takes years.

2. Limit Your Sugar Intake

Sugar is easily among the top things you don’t want in your body, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. The bad thing about sugar is it’s hidden in almost everything! Check the nutritional info on your pasta sauce, peanut butter, drinks, and snacks to see how much sugar you’re getting in a day. Sugary beverages cause your body to stop producing leptin which is a hormone that tells your body to stop eating. Having lots of sugar in your body makes it far too easy to binge on food.

3. Eliminate Cigarettes From Your Lifestyle

Quitting is hard, but there’s no excuse if your health is a priority. It usually takes six or seven tries for people to quit smoking so don’t get discouraged or give up. The sooner you stop consuming cigarettes, the sooner your body and lungs start to repair themselves. If you have children, make sure you’re not smoking in the house or car as they can inhale the second-hand particles. Eliminating cigarette smoke from your life can act as a preventive form of alternative cancer treatment.

4. Focus On What You’re Eating If You Want To Change Your Body

A lot of people kill themselves with exercise and wonder why their body isn’t changing. The truth is, your diet is more responsible for what you look like than your activity levels. If you want to shed fat or put on muscle, you have to meet certain dietary requirements to help your body adapt. If you’re lifting weights 4-5x a week and still eating junk food and low-quality meals, you’re making it tougher for your body to be truly healthy.

5. Don’t Allow The Sun To Damage Your Skin

Protecting yourself from the sun is a vital part of staying healthy. Exposure to the sun can cause skin damage which can lead to skin cancer. Try not to be in direct sunlight when it’s at its hottest between 10 am and 4 pm, depending on where you live. Stay away from sunlamps and tanning booths as they can also cause damage to your skin.

6. Do At Least 1 Physical Activity Every Day

Consistency is an important part of exercising that you can’t ignore. Even going for a quick walk daily can reduce the biomarkers of aging. Exercising helps your body lower cholesterol, normalize blood pressure and increase your bone density. Even just as little as 10 minutes of exercise can make a difference. Try experimenting with different activities to prevent yourself from getting bored.

7. Focus On Vegetables

Eating a diet high in vegetables will keep you healthy. Vegetables lower your risk of many different types of cancer including lung, breast and stomach cancer. The strongest vegetables are the ones with the boldest colors. Beets, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, and leafy greens will help supercharge your body and keep you healthy!

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