One very popular type of test that many people are taking advantage of today is DNA testing. Today, DNA testing is used for a wide variety of purposes. There are six key ways in particular that you could use DNA testing to your advantage.

1. Learn About Ancestry

Learn About Ancestry

One of the common reasons why people get DNA test done today is so they can learn more about their ancestry. Most people today are told by their parents and grandparents where they came from. However, these reports are only so accurate and only go so far back. When you get a DNA test done, you can get far more information about your family history that dates back much further than you would have previously thought.

2. Learn About Disease Risks

Learn About Disease Risks

Another way that a DNA test from CRI Genetics can help you is by helping you to learn more about disease risks. Today, there are many different genetic diseases that people need to know about. Some of these genetic diseases are far more prevalent for people with certain ancestries. When taking a DNA test, you will become aware of any diseases that you are at a higher risk of getting.

3. Find New Family Members

Find New Family Members

Over the past few years, many people have taken DNA tests. If you take a DNA test and are willing to make your records public, you will be matched up with people that have similar DNA. This means that you could end up meeting relatives that you did not know you had in the past. This can be very exciting and help you to establish new great relationships.

4. Prove Innocence

Prove Innocence

Due to the accuracy of these tests, DNA is often used in criminal proceedings today. If DNA has been found at the scene of the crime and you are considered to be a suspect, you could be able to prove your innocence by providing a DNA test. This could help to provide conclusive evidence that you are innocent and that other people should be considered witnesses in the case.

5. Paternity Tests

Paternity Tests

Today, one of the best ways to prove whether or not someone is a biological father of a child is through the use of a DNA test. If you are trying to determine who the exact father of child is, using a DNA test is often the best way to do it. A DNA test can be done quickly at home through the use of a fast swab of the cheek. You will then be able to receive the results pretty quickly as well. For legal proceedings, DNA tests are also administered by the local law system.

6. Determine Rightful Heirs for Inheritance

Determine Rightful Heirs for Inheritance

Finally, many people will end up using a DNA test for the purpose of determining inheritance. If there is ever any confusion about where an estate should go and who the rightful heirs are to an estate, a DNA test is often the best method to do so. These DNA tests will be able to confirm relationships and help the court system determine who should be the rightful recipient of an estate.

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