Anytime you’re moving into a new home; it can be difficult to decide what to get. You don’t want to go over budget on things you don’t need, but you also want to be able to enjoy your new home from day one. In this post, we’ll look at some things you can do before you move in and during the first couple of days to enhance the experience of your new home!

1. Start By Setting Up Your Technology

Adding a few strategic devices to your home can make life more convenient. Certain devices can also give you more peace of mind when you leave the house. Installing a smart alarm system connected to your phone is an excellent addition. Make sure you call your alarm company ahead of time to get everything set up.

When you move into a new home, you often find yourself lacking essential technology accessories. Consider picking up a few surge protectors, Ethernet cables and extension cords before you move in.

2. Make Sure You Have The Essentials For Meals

Equipping your kitchen is a necessity anytime you’re settling into a new home. You’ll need the basic dishware such as plates, bowls, glasses, and cutlery. It’s also worth buying a utensil holder so you can keep your new kitchen organized.

You’ll also need some tools to help you do the actual cooking. Investing in just one or two pans is inexpensive, and you’ll use them almost daily. Remember to pick up some Tupperware so you can eat your leftovers. You’ll also need some miscellaneous items such as bottle openers, measuring cups and cutting boards.

3. Invest In Some Appliances

Investing in the right appliances can make all the difference when you move into a new home. One of the best kitchen appliances you can buy is a slow cooker. They’re easy to set up, even easier to use and you can make a variety of meals. Slow cookers can double as rice makers, steamers, and a warmer.

Don’t forget about other essential appliances such as a toaster oven and microwave. If you’re into coffee, you’ll need a coffee machine that matches the decor of your kitchen. You may want to also consider devices such as salad spinners, kettles, coffee grinders, and a blender.

4. Optimize Your Entertainment Set Up

Housewarming parties aren’t much fun if everyone has to sit on the floor. Part of getting settled includes equipping your new living room with furniture. You’ll need a couch, an armchair and maybe even some stools depending on the type of environment you want to create.

Don’t forget to get some side tables to hold lamps and drinks. Mounting your TV is a good idea since it takes up less room and allows you to be creative with your new living space. It’s also worth investing in quality dining room furniture that you can hand down to your children.

5. Adjust The Lighting In Your Home

Lighting is an often overlooked aspect that can sometimes define a room. Lighting is especially important for rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light during the day. Being able to dim your lights also gives you more control of the ambiance. You can be unique with your source of light and use antique lamps, string lights or LED lights under your counter or behind your TV.

6. Start Building Your Bedroom Sanctuary

Your bedroom needs to be your favorite room in the house. If it’s in your budget, consider getting a new mattress for your new home. If you’ve been dealing with an old mattress, you’ll thank yourself for this investment. You’ll also need a comforter or a duvet, some sheets and pillows.

Adding a dresser, nightstand, and curtains will help you round out the appearance of your room. Don’t forget to include artwork that creates the type of ambiance that you enjoy.

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