A futon bed frame is the metal (or wooden) part of a sofa bed that enables it to transform from a couch to a bed. It, therefore, has a dual purpose: it is both a couch and a bed

What should you look for in a futon bed frame? Well, the key consideration is strength and adaptability. The ability to adapt from a bed into a sofa and vice versa is what makes a futon bed appealing, especially where floor space is limited.

There are many types of futon bed frames. Depending on the intensity of use, a futon bed should be able to withstand a fair amount of use. Its durability, however, depends on the strength and sturdiness of its frame. Below are the different types of futon beds available on the market.

1. Chemical Free Bed Frames

Futon bed frames come in various types. You can choose from no VOC and natural finish futon bed frames. These include chemical-free futon bed frames. You can choose from black walnut, oak, maple, or solid cherry frames, which come in different sizes such as a twin love seat or a queen size full-length sofa.

2. Wallhugger Futon Bed Frames

These are ideal for small floor spaces. They are high-quality frames that easily transform into a bed without the need to move them away from the wall. These wall-hugging frames feature a low VOC finish such as solid black, maple, black walnut, warm cherry, dark cherry, and pecan. To show off the wood’s natural colour, use the lightest blond maple colour you can get. You don’t need storage drawers since the seat deck of a wall hugger futon frame sits very close to the floor.

3. Front Loading Futon Frames

Front loading futon frames feature simple clean modern arm styles, which come in both queen and full sizes. They are made from solid hardwood and feature various low VOC finishes such as oak, java, and cherry. They are easily adaptable and can be open and closed from the front, which means you don’t have to open and close them from the back or the sides. They also come with matching drawers fitted underneath the queen and full-size futon beds.

4. Outdoor Futon Bed Frames

If you relish the possibility of sleeping in your backyard under the open skies, an outdoor futon bed frame is a perfect choice. Outdoor futon bed frames feature different shapes and sizes. You can choose from cot and chair, chaise or loveseat, or the queen and full-length sofa bed. These type of futon bed frames are made of solid white oak hand-rubbed with an oily teak finish to give it a perfect outdoor finish. You can convert them with wheels or just lean back to transform them into a bed. However, to protect your outdoor futon frame from the elements, you will need a futon cover.

5. Rustic Futon Bed Frames

If you are looking for a sofa that will never break, the rustic futon bed is very durable. It can take a lot of punishment for years without any sign of weakness. It is made of durable, solid hard pine and can withstand any wear and tear. Besides, it gives your cabin or house a rich rustic woody appearance.

The best quality futon beds are made of solid wood such as maple, cherry, or oak. Others are constructed using metal frames, which are the most popular but have difficulty converting into a bed with the heavier more comfortable futon mattresses available in the market today. The best futon frames are versatile; meaning they can be adjusted depending on the futon mattress or cover used. They should also be light and easy to convert from a couch into a bed and vice versa. There are models you can use outdoors since they feature weather-resistant wood and slipcovers that protect your mattress.

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