Most dentists and dental professionals recommend seeing your dentist at least once per year if not twice for a regular cleaning. A dental cleaning is not done by a dentist. Instead, a dental hygienist usually cleans your mouth and gives you a fluoride treatment.

But at your cleaning, your dentist will also look into your mouth, give you x-rays and assess whether or not you have any cavities or other oral problems to be worried about. Getting professional oral care regularly will offer you the following wonderful benefits for your oral and overall health.

1. Improve your smile and overall attractiveness

At your family dental care appointment, you will get a dental cleaning to remove stains that have built up over time. Often stains on the teeth are caused by foods like coffee, soda pop and tea. The result of a dental cleaning that aims to remove these stains will be a whiter, brighter and more attractive smile.

2. Keep cavities away

Naturally, one of the great things about going to your dentist’s office regularly is being sure that you’re staying on top of cavities and potential cavities. Your oral hygienist will look into your mouth to see if any cavities are visibly forming, and you may also get x-rays to check for the same thing.

3. Give you fresher breath

Regular cleanings will help to remove the buildup of plaque and food particles in the mouth that are often the source of bad breath or halitosis. If you struggle with bad breath on a regular basis, going to a dentist’s office can also teach you how to use a tongue scraper to remedy this problem.

4. Avoid the loss of your teeth in the future

As Canadians age, they lose an increasing number of their teeth, and this causes problems for talking, eating and drinking. It can also be quite expensive to get teeth replaced.

You only get one set of teeth in your life, and you should take care of them. Seeing your dentist regularly will ensure that you can keep your adult teeth for as long as possible.

5. Improve your overall health

Finally, did you know that improving your oral health will improve your overall health? It’s true that certain diseases such as some forms of cancer and heart disease may be related to poor oral health. In this way, making sure that you get oral care at least once per year and follow their guidelines for at home oral hygiene will ensure that you will live a long and happy life.

If you haven’t gone in for a cleaning and exam recently, make an appointment today. You will benefit from all of the advantages listed above and many more.

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