Did you know you can foolproof your disability insurance claim?

It all depends on how you approach it.

Before applying for a disability insurance claim, you might want to brush up your knowledge of what is required to lodge a successful disability insurance claim.

1. Understand What Constitutes a Disability and What Does Not

If you are a disabled person living in Canada, you have a right to file for a long- or short-term insurance disability. You can apply for disability insurance through the Canadian Pension Plan, your employer, or privately. Among credible proof for an insurable condition include lupus, seizures, diabetes, arthritis, mental health, cancer, back or brain injuries, infections, etc. Any injury or health condition that affects your ability to work qualifies you for insurance disability. Pain is the main condition related to a disability.

Following closely are flexibility and limited mobility. Before applying for insurance disability, scrutinize your insurance policy to see if your employer has specific requirements on what they classify as a disability. It’s always wise to let a disability benefits lawyer help you review the insurance policy and advise you accordingly.

2. Your Medical Records and Expert Opinions Are Crucial

You will need to prove your disability by availing records of your condition’s diagnosis and prognosis. To give your case more weight, call in experts to explain your condition and its severity. If an insurance company can prove a claim is fraudulent, they could go to great lengths to discredit your disability. Make sure all your medical records are in place, and attend doctor’s appointments and follow their orders without fail. It’s also vital to keep a journal where you record your medical disability journey.

The journal should include real-time updates of your pain and symptoms; and the progress of your treatment. However, don’t confuse journaling with posting information about your injury on social media as doing this could actually jeopardize your claim. Clever insurance lawyers could use that post in which you are tagged having the time of your life at a party with friends.

3. Collateral Evidence Will Be Required

Simply put, collateral evidence is any impairment or injury information that is not on the medical record, and which is not in your doctor’s testimony, that others such as your family and friends can avail about your condition. Having family and friends back your insurance claim can be the deal breaker in a tight contest. It is, therefore, a good idea to make an occasional call to let them how you are doing. Besides, isn’t this a good way to stay in touch as well? In case your claim is denied, testimony from family and friends could shift an appeal in your favour.

4. You May Have to Negotiate with Insurance Companies

If an insurance company wants to cut the chase with a fair deal, let them know you are willing to negotiate. Filing for an insurance disability claim is a strenuous task that also comes with huge loads of paperwork (possibly intended to intimidate you so you can give up). If the insurance company is genuinely interested in settling the case out of court, seize the opportunity. However, let your lawyer guide you through the negotiation to prevent a potential backlash. You will also need to keep a folder with relevant documentation about your condition and other relevant details. These will strengthen your case at the negotiation table.

5. Get an Experienced Disability Benefits Lawyer

This is very important. In fact, it should be at the top of this list. Having a disability benefits lawyer with experience representing clients like you is very important. It’s even more critical if your initial claim was denied. You need a good lawyer by your side to fight the appeal. With an experienced lawyer by your side, your chances of getting the best deal are very high.

Although you need to do your due diligence and get yourself a disability benefits insurance attorney, success in filing a successful disability insurance claim does not start and end with a good lawyer. As demonstrated above, there are other variables involved.

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