You have confidence in and are proud of your body. However, like most people, you get unwanted hair in areas such as your lip, legs, arms, and bikini area. While you spend lots of time and money using hair removal remedies such as razors, waxes, and creams, these only work to a certain extent and are overall ineffective. Consequently, minor cosmetic procedures are dramatically gaining in popularity and one of these is intense pulsed lighting (IPL).

This process consists of a flashgun that applies a variety of light pulses to affected areas of skin. These light rays target the melanin in the skin and causes the hair to destruct due to the heat. If you are struggling with unwanted hair and have had little luck getting rid of it, below are reasons to consider IPL.

1. Permanent

Razors, waxes, and creams can be effective in getting rid of unwanted and unsightly hair. However, you need to use them very frequently and hair will grow back. This can be frustrating and embarrassing especially if you are out in public and notice some hair in a noticeable area.

IPL treatments are a popular option for hair removal because they gid rid of the follicles ones and for all. During the process the pulsed lighting penetrates deep into the skin, heating the hair at its root and therefore preventing it from growing again. IPL is most successful with coarse, darker hair which is perfect as this is the hair you want to target because it is more noticeable.

2. Economical solution

The purchase of items such as razors and creams can add up after a while because you have to keep using them to be able to get rid of unwanted hair. Wax kits available for purchase can be expensive and continued use is needed with these as well.

IPL processes are a more economical solution to unwanted hair compared to other methods. While treatments require fees up front, they are very reasonable and are so effective that subsequent treatments are rarely needed. Therefore, you will not have to pay any more costs for IPL after your first appointment. IPL treatments are less expensive than laser hair removal treatments that are also considered an effective cosmetic procedure for hair removal.

3. Less risk of skin damage

You want unwanted hair to be gone from your body but leaving the surrounding skin in the area untouched is crucial as well. While laser hair removal is successful in removing unwanted follicles, there are issues that can occur during the process such as skin burns, darkening or lightening of skin pigmentation, and irritation.

In contrast, IPL treatments are safer than laser hair removal. Because the machine used in the process sends out scattered pulses at different wavelengths, light that can damage the skin is not concentrated in one area. Immediately after an IPL treatment, you may feel some tingling and burning in the affected area however this does not last long and this is definitely preferable over the bruising, swelling, or irritation that often results after laser treatments.

4. Non-invasive

Some cosmetic procedures are invasive and cause you significant downtime as you recover from the pain. Luckily, IPL treatments are non-invasive with no recovery time at all.

When undergoing IPL, you will not have to be subjected to anesthesia and no incisions or cuts need to be made. You will also not experience any bruising, pain, or swelling that typically accompanies laser hair removal either. IPL is able to cover large areas quickly and most people that are treated only report a slight tingling sensation as the pulsed lighting burns the hair at the root.

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