Most kids love pizza, and why wouldn’t they? It’s tasty and fun to eat. A lot of children out there love pizza so much that they would be happy to eat it for every meal, every day of the week. This is unrealistic as store-bought or restaurant pizza is not always the healthiest food.

There is an alternative to keeping your pizza crazy kids happy. You can make your own pizza at home. This way you get to choose all of the ingredients and make sure that you are not feeding you kids anything artificial or harmful.

So, how do you keep things interesting and healthy when it comes to making pizza for your children? Here are some great recipes for you to enjoy!

1. The simple pizza

This is the kind of pizza that is fund and easy to make. You can make the dough yourself too so that you know that it is as healthy as possible. The same goes for the pizza sauce. It can take a little time to get these ready to go and you should probably prepare this in advance of getting the kids involved. Once you have the pizza station ready to go you can begin.

The toppings can be as simple as tomato sauce and cheese or really whatever your child wants. Once you have built your pizza then it’s time to bake it. Pop it in the oven on a high heat and then it should be ready to take out in about 15 minutes. It’s best to keep an eye on it throughout cooking. You should also make sure that you let the pizza cool before letting your child tough it. Cheese and tomato sauce can get very hot.

2. Taco pizzas

This is a great way to mix two child-friendly foods, tacos and pizza. Start with your standard crust, then get your taco ingredients together. Refried beans and salsa for example. The simply top the taco-pizza with ground beef or any other meat that you want and season well. Pop it into a new outdoor pizza oven and wait for the magic to happen. If you want to keep it vegetarian then that is very easy to do as well.

3. Quilted pizza

This will take a little bit of effort and co-ordination. If your kids are older they will love this, but if not, you should make this in advance and then serve. The idea of a quilt pizza is that you have a square pizza that has the toppings divided into smaller squares on the pizza. This means that you are able to then cut it and have a little something for everyone. Try to be imaginative with the topping choices with different colours at your disposal you can make a really unique looking pizza. Not only does this look good but if you have some picky eaters in your home you can cater to everyone’s taste.

4. Dessert pizza

Pizzas don’t have to be savoury. In fact, you can make a pizza for dessert. This may seem like an outlandish idea but when you think about it the options really are endless. You can even use your regular pizza dough recipe and then add some nut butter of your choice and even some sugar-free jams. At the risk of not making it healthy anymore, you can also add some other sweet treats. Just make sure your children know that this is a special pizza and they won’t be getting it every night.

Another option that you have for dessert pizza is to use fruit. You will probably need to switch up the pizza base to something a little sweeter.

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