Being a mascot can be enjoyable as you entertain people young and old at a variety of events. However, if your costume is unsuitable for you, it can make for a long, frustrating day. Here are some factors to consider when wearing a mascot costume.

1. Movement

When you are a mascot, being able to move is important. Not only do you need to be animated and entertaining, you need to be able to escape in case of an emergency.

Before buying a mascot costume or committing to wearing it, try it on to ensure you can move adequately in it. Practice the moves you plan on performing at the event, including jumping and dancing. Doing so will confirm that you are able to entertain people as intended. Also confirm that you are able to walk and even run in it. This will allow you to determine if you can leave the area quickly if need be.

2. Eyesight

Whenever you are fulfilling duties as a mascot, you should have a guide who is able to walk you through busy crowds, read signals from you regarding your needs, and assist you in situations that present a danger to you. However, you still need to be able to see. Otherwise, you are putting yourself at risk.

Do not wait until you are at the event to determine whether you have sufficient eyesight out from the costume. Do this well before the date. To be extra vigilant, consider going to the venue before the event to scope the area out. That way, you can be aware of things that could pose a potential danger to you and you can then steer clear of them. Being able to see clearly from the inside of the costume will also allow you to view cues from your guide.

3. Temperature

The mascot costume itself, coupled with the fact you will be moving around a lot, will mean you will probably get hot and sweat a lot as the day goes on. Even on cooler days the temperature in the costume will increase significantly, putting you at risk of heat stroke and exhaustion.

In addition to taking lots of breaks and drinking enough water when performing, there are steps you can take with the mascot costume to ensure you do not overheat. Confirm that it is equipped with a fan that will circulate cool air from the outside to the interior of the costume. If the costume does not come with a fan, consider adding one. You can also wear a cooling vest when wearing your costume. These keep your body temperature at a normal rate which will help when the costume gets too hot. If you go this route, confirm the costume is big enough so you can wear one comfortably.

4, Cleanliness

If the mascot costume you are wearing is new, chances are you do not have to worry about how clean it is. However, if you are borrowing or renting it, you need to confirm it is clean before you put it on.

Because people typically sweat in costumes, they can become havens for mold, mildew, and bacteria. Therefore, before you wear it, check the interior of it to see if these things are present. Such components can leave rashes on your skin, cause you to fall ill, and not to mention it would not be desirable to wear a costume if they are present. If the cleanliness of the costume is questionable, refuse to wear it, ask for a replacement, or have it dry cleaned well before the event.

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