It’s critical to use environmentally friendly products on yard and garden work. Failing to use these products can cause a tremendous amount of damage to the surrounding area with run off entering waterways and eco-systems. This impact can be prevented by using green products that are: safe for animals, non-toxic, able to stimulate plant growth, maintain the local eco-system, improve soil fertility and conserve yards with long-lasting results.

In this blog post, we highlight these benefits with an outline of its most important impacts that environmentally friendly lawn products offer.

1. Safe for Animals

The chemicals and additives that are mixed into other types of garden products can pose serious harm when animals are exposed to them. Depending on the type of chemical that’s used some animals can become ill if they come in contact with an area that it was sprayed. Certain the product can poison animals if they accidentally ingest the substance. This scenario can prove to be devastating to local eco-systems if poisonous products are used continuously and the animals begin to die.

Furthermore, family pets can also be impacted by certain substances if they it is used on a family home and they come in contact with traces of the toxins. Therefore, to avoid this potential impact on wildlife anyone that uses garden products should ensure they’re environmentally friendly and free of harmful additives.

2. Run-Off is Not Damaging

Another consequence of using standard garden products is the run-off that can be created from it. Run-off occurs when water or weather pushes particles of soil into local waterways, streams, and reserves. This process causes the substance to pass though the area’s local infrastructure where it will eventually be deposited elsewhere.

If the run-off is filled with harmful, poisonous or toxic chemicals the run-off will spread and impact a larger area. In turn, increasing the chemical exposure to animals, systems and materials that can be harmed if the agent is hash. Given the ability for toxins to travel it’s critical that any product used on soil is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

3. Not a Health-Hazard to Families

It’s important for homeowners to use environmentally friendly products on their gardens because they won’t expose the family to harm. Standard types of garden products tend to use toxic chemicals and harmful additives that can prove to be poisonous if they are ingested by humans.

The toxins that are added to these agents can be especially harmful if they are exposed to small children, elderly individuals or pregnant women that have a greater risk of becoming ill. However, homeowners can eliminate the risk of infecting others by simply using green garden products that won’t pose a health-risk to others.

4. Improved Soil Fertility

Using harsh chemicals on soil can prevent plants from being able to grow in the treated area. The toxic agents that are mixed into certain lawn care products can alter the chemical balance in the soil by harming the animals and bugs that live in it. This imbalance also impacts the nutritional content of the soil which will further impact a plants ability to grow as usual.

To prevent infertile soil, it’s essential to use environmentally friendly products that will maintain its nutrition levels and protect the area’s local ecosystem. Green products also won’t cause any long-term damage to the treated area or surrounding soil like other types of products due to their safe ingredients that stimulate plant growth. Ultimately, environmentally friendly lawn products are needed to maintain a healthy and fertile garden for years to come.

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