Back pain manifests in your lower, middle and upper back. Among causes of back pain are poor ergonomics, stress, and poor lifting techniques.

A chiropractor eases back pain by manipulating the spinal cord and applying other massage techniques. Chiropractic treatment involves massage therapy, spinal adjustment, lifestyle advice, nutrition counselling, exercises and stretches.

The beauty of a chiropractic treatment is that it’s gentle, preventive, and natural. To get the most out of the services of a chiropractor, you will need a number of visits.

Among the major causes of back pain that a chiropractor can help with include:

1. Muscle Strain/Sprain

Sprains and strains in your muscles are the major causes of back pain. They mostly affect your lower back and can be caused by an injury, especially inflicted when lifting a heavy item such as a couch. A strain occurs when your tendon or muscle tears. On the other hand, a sprain refers to a torn ligament. Each of these tears causes inflammation, resulting in pain and, in isolated cases, muscles spasms.

Back pain from a strained or sprained muscle can range from a mild to an “all over” debilitating pain that can move all the way to the buttocks. It could get worse with movement. Besides the pain, you are likely to experience muscle stiffness and difficulty moving around.

2. Bulging and Ruptured Disc

The spinal discs located between the vertebrae act as cushions for absorbing shock. A combination of things such as lifting heavy weights, sitting for long periods, ageing, spine trauma, smoking, and weight gain can cause your discs to deteriorate with time. This makes them susceptible to bulging (protruding outward). This is referred to as a slipped or bulging disc. If untreated, the bulging disc can rupture or tear, spilling out its inner contents (nucleus pulposus). The released stuff compresses the nearby nerve roots, and sometimes the spinal cord. A torn disc is also called a herniated or ruptured disc.

Some of the symptoms of a herniated disc include a sharp back pain that could travel all the way down to the groin, buttocks, and to one of the legs. A raptured neck disc can also cause pain that travels down your arm. Numbness, tingling and muscle weakness are some of the other symptoms of a herniated disc.

3. Spine Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis affects body joints, including facet or vertebral joints (the small spine joints). When the cartilage between the spine’s joints tear, the resulting wear and tear can cause spine osteoarthritis. That throbbing pain or dull ache, which becomes worse as you move around, is evidence of a worn cartilage. As the cartilage completely tears and the joints start to rub against each other, you are likely to feel an uncomfortable popping sensation, also called crepitus. Spinal osteoarthritis may cause joint stiffness and limit your range of motion.

The main causes of back pain can be summed up as poor ergonomics, stress, and lifting heavy objects without observing proper body posture. Age and weight are other contributing factors. A chiropractor can alleviate most of these back pain conditions. Applying massage techniques while manipulating the affected areas of your back can greatly relieve your pain and make your movements a little more bearable, even enjoyable.

A chiropractor will also provide you with vital advice on how to maintain optimal spine health. The advantage of having a chiropractor attend to your back pain is that the process is all natural, meaning there are no invasive procedures or addictive medications involved. It is also gentle enough to provide relief to all manner of patients, including those experiencing excruciating pain. Besides, it is preventive in that those who are at risk of back pain can see a chiropractor for advice on how to prevent or minimize injury.

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