The majority of people in the world have imperfect feet. To be precise, that’s about 90% of the world’s population.

Why should these statistics concern you? Well, your feet carry your entire weight. Whether you are standing or walking, your body weight is resting on that poor pair called feet. Your feet are your support. If their ability to support you is compromised, the entire body suffers.

There are different types of feet. Some have feet with high or falling arches while others have flat feet. There are however others with more acute feet problems that need special feet care. Some of them require artificial devices such as braces and splints to function properly, and this is what orthotics is all about. Below are ten good reasons why you need orthotics:

1. Orthotics Cushion Your Feet

Orthotics cushion your feet from the incessant pounding and strain they are subjected to every day. Whether you are standing, walking or running, orthotics will cushion your feet from the impact. They also minimize unnecessary knee movement to prevent injury. A number of athletes wear orthotics to enhance their performance and keep the pain away. Orthotics also help in properly aligning your body when running or engaging in other sporting activities.

2. Orthotics Support Arches

If you have flat feet, you need orthotics to provide arch support and keep your feet aligned. They also keep your feet from what is called over-pronation or rolling inward. If your arches are medium, orthotics will prevent pain and absorb shock. For people with high arches, orthotics provide the necessary cushion.

3. Orthotics Calibrate the Function of All Moveable Body Parts

Comfortable feet are the foundation upon which the rest of your joints depend. When your feet are comfortable, the rest of your joints are better aligned. Uncomfortable misaligned feet could cause headaches.

4. Orthotics Help to Distribute Your Weight Evenly

Your body weight is distributed from the feet and heels. Orthotics relieve pressure off sore spots on your body caused by uneven weight distribution. If you want your hips and back to thank you, wear orthotics.

5. Orthotics Reduce the Pressure on Your Joints

By absorbing shock, orthotics minimize joints pressure. For people with minimal arch support or flat feet, this can be extremely helpful. In most cases, wearing orthotics can stop your joint pain.

6. Orthotics Prevent Twisted Ankles

The majority of orthotics include heel cups to keep your ankle or foot from twisting. This is the precise reason athletes such as runners use them.

7. With Orthotics, You Can Move, Walk, or Run Faster

Having healthy feet means you can walk or run without much hindrance. Without discomfort and pain slowing you down, you can move around with ease. Orthotics make sure your feet are as comfortable and healthy as they can be to cushion them from body weight strain.

8. Orthotics Prevent Potential Future Damage to Your Feet

Children feet bone structure develops normally if they start to wear orthotics from childhood. As an adult, if your feet are normal, orthotics will keep injuries at bay.

9. Orthotics Prevent Corns, Calluses, and Bunions

Orthotics prevent shoe friction and rubbing by creating a soft barrier between your shoes and your feet. As a result, you are unlikely to suffer from nasty and painful bunions, corn, and calluses.

10. Orthotics Keep Your Feet Clean and Healthy

Since most orthotics are made using anti-odour, anti-bacterial materials, your feet are adequately protected while inside your shoes. And what can beat fresh, clean, happy feet?

A healthy body is largely dependent on well-functioning joints and perfect alignment of the entire body structure. Since all your body weight rests on your feet, it is important to make sure they are as comfortable and healthy as possible. This is why you need orthotics.

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