Construction sites are exposed to many hazards. One such hazard is the real possibility of a fire outbreak. In most cases when there is a fire outbreak, the damage is swift and devastating to the site, unless it is contained before it can spread further.

There are many ways of ensuring that a construction site is safe from fire outbreaks. However, in spite of taking precautions, there is always that possibility that you might have to deal with a fire emergency. To protect your workers from potential fire injuries, consider implementing the following fire safety tips.

1. Keep Fire Blankets

If you work at a construction site, one of the safety or protection equipment you should have around is a fire blanket. A fire blanket can be very handy in the event of a fire outbreak. Before the fire becomes unmanageable, stifle it by throwing a fire blanket over it.

2. Have Designated Waste Areas

Construction sites generate a lot of waste. This should be gathered and piled in a designated area. It is important to do this because most fires originate from heaps of waste left unattended.

3. Have Fire Emergency Procedures

While you should do all you can to prevent fire outbreaks, you should nonetheless have emergency fire procedures. Your site workers should know what they should do in the event of a fire.

4. Avoid Site Bonfires

While it might be tempting to gather waste and burn it yourself, do not attempt this DIY alternative. In the process of disposing of your waste by burning it, the fire could get out of control and cause more damage. Instead, let the waste collectors pick the unwanted waste for safe disposal.

5. Electrical Installations Should be Done by a Professional

Do not compromise the quality of your electrical installations by using a quack electrical technician. Most fires at construction sites are a result of electrical or wiring faults. Get a qualified electrician to do all your wiring and electrical works.

6. Get Rid of Material That Could Cause a Fire Outbreak

A construction site should be free of materials that could ignite and cause a fire. While leaving the site, switch off all electrical appliances such as heaters, etc. Also, pick up and store all flammable litter. Always do a double check before leaving the site.

7. Have Electrical Appliances Manned at all Times

Leaving electrical appliances such as heaters unattended is a common cause of fire outbreaks. Ensure that heavy-duty lights are not covered by flammable material as they can easily ignite them.

8. Prohibit Smoking in Certain Areas

Construction sites should have ‘No Smoking’ areas where no one should be allowed to smoke. Instead, have designated smoking areas, and provide appropriate ashtrays and bins for the safe disposal of cigarette butts and used matches.

9. Conduct Regular Fire Checks

Conduct fire checks regularly. Before leaving the site, do a thorough fire check to ensure all is safe. When done regularly, fire checks ensure that fires are spotted and extinguished before they can spiral out of control.

10. Install the Right Type of Fire Extinguishers

Installing appropriate fire extinguishers at strategic points around the construction site is an important cautionary measure. Every site worker should be trained on how to use fire extinguishers to put out different kinds of fire.

While it may not be possible to fireproof your construction site, you can minimize the impact of a fire outbreak by following the above tips. Whenever possible, put fire prevention measures in place. However, in case of a fire outbreak, making sure your staff understand what to do can greatly minimize damage.

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